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Spring and Summer 2014

The spring weather came late this year and many lakes in our area suffered some winter kill due to the long winter. Fortunately for Lake Somerset our fish came through the winter in good shape and had a good spawning season. I have had the opportunity to fish lots of lakes in our area throughout the year and I can say without reservation that our Bass and Bluegill fishery is one of the best in southern Michigan. Lots of opportunity to catch nice Bass (>14 inches) and Bluegill exists year-round on Lake Somerset. Our Walleye fishery is being well maintained through stocking and nice fish are taken most of the year. This spring and summer, I have caught or seen caught some very nice Bass, Pike, and Walleye.

Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 Fishing Forecast

Walleye -- This is a popular fish that we frequently stock. These fish represent a true put and take fishery as they are unlikely to successfully spawn in Lake Somerset. In October 2014 we will stock 2,500 fingerlings. Given the stocking program I anticipate the Walleye fishing will be good for those who know how to find them in 2014 -2015.

Northern Pike -- Another popular sport fish for some anglers. This fish is the second most stocked fish in our lake. We are looking to stock them this summer if they are available. While we have had trouble finding fish to stock I still catch some nice pike every now and then. There seems to be a number of good fish also taken during the ice fishing season.

Largemouth Bass -- This is most common predator fish in our lake system. The bass population is strong and has some real nice trophy fish available. Keep in mind that releasing most of the bass back into the lake helps keep our fishery strong.

Sunfish including Bluegill, Red Ear and Pumpkinseed -- These fish are doing well on the lake, reproduce very well and in some cases may spawn multiple times in the summer. They are great eating and are good average size, and should be our focus for harvest when we want that fresh fish meal.

Black Crappie -- Crappie are doing well and the average size seems to have improved in the last 2 years.

Channel Catfish -- Are some of the longest lived fish in our lake. It is not unusual to have a Catfish live to be 25 years old in a lake like ours. If you happen to hook into one of our big cats you are in for the fight of your life.

Stocking Plans -- We plan on stocking 2,500 walleye this fall and 1,000 perch in the spring and 1,500 pike in the summer (if available). The perch will be stocked as fish ready to spawn to create a larger food base for our game fish the first spring after dredging. The hope is that they will colonize some of the newly available habitat in the lake.

Dredging -- Thank you to all that voted to support the dredging program. I am looking forward to addressing our fish structure issues in 2015 after we see how the lake looks after this program is complete. I think we will see much improvement in spawning habitat for 2015 when we have removed areas of deep muck and exposed gravel, and stone bottoms.

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Dubensky

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1:00 p.m., Sunday
October 5, 2014

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Association meetings are held in the Somerset Township hall which is located at 12715 E. Chicago Rd., Somerset Center 49282. The phone number for the township is (517) 688-9223.

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Lake Somerset Map

A map furnished by George Rausch showing Lake Somerset with depths indicated.

Lake Somerset map

Fishing Stocking

A chart furnished by George Rausch showing the history of fish stocking in Lake Somerset since 1984 is available as an Adobe PDF.

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